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Noble, natural and ultra-concentrated products, made with care for all skin types, for all ages…


Exceptional natural cosmetics

Care imagined and made with love, to take care of your skin
throughout all ages of life.


Offer your skin a return to the essentials

Sensations of freshness and softness. Promise of tenderness, calm and well-being, subtle and intoxicating fragrances. We have put a lot of our passion for nature and our love for mankind into the different products that we offer you to discover.

Fig tree, Scots pine, raspberry, carrot, geranium, mint or rosehip… Our nature is full of treasures with sometimes unsuspected cosmetic properties. Imagining all these products is an exciting adventure: testing alliances, finding marriages between different active ingredients to create a product with multiple virtues that is pleasant to apply.

Our values

Valambrun is a selection of natural raw materials, collected with care and respect. We favor French, even European, biosourced ingredients and especially from our alpine regions. These products are then worked in a totally artisanal way in our laboratory located in Haute-Savoie.




Valambrun rituals: our beauty routines for your skin


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