From the design to the realization and manufacture of Valambrun products, the desire for a pure, simple, genuine product…

Sophisticated formulas, in touch with nature

To make Valambrun products, we use the best possible ingredients, with the sole aim of being able to offer you a top-of-the-range, virtuous and irreproachable product.

Organic butters and oils, totally natural fruits or fruit and vegetable powders, remarkable essential oils… Our status as an organic-labeled cosmetic brand is imminent.

Valambrun is a selection of natural raw materials, taken with care and respect, favoring French ingredients, biosourced and even from the Alpine region, when possible.


Your skin only needs the essentials

Using a Valambrun product is a sensory experience. Touch, smell and even sight, our creams and fluids call for tenderness and delicacy. irm the skin, soothe it, protect it… By their different combined properties, our products are designed to take care of each epidermis.