Light, soft, soothing or relaxing materials and textures… like a caress for the skin. Natural and highly concentrated products, with a mature design, with tested and proven properties, with beneficial synergies.

Natural Treatments

With Love

Our Story

It has been more than two years since the Valambrun adventure was born. Two years spent relentlessly thinking and imagining natural cosmetic products, testing them and modifying their formulas, until the ideal result was achieved. A fruit produced from the meeting of Séverine Thomassin and Nicolas Thibon, a human partnership, united by beautiful values; the desire to take care of others, has made it possible to give birth to our new common brand: Valambrun.

Quality commitment
and eco-sustainability


The Creator’s commitments

As with our range of soaps, our goal is to bring you the best of what nature has to offer, revealing the properties and synergies of each of its components, through ultra-concentrated, refined and sophisticated products. Quality cosmetics, environmentally friendly in their design and extremely beneficial for the skin.


Truly Responsible

The philosophy of our brand gives an extremely emphasis surrounding nature and its protection: we limit as much as possible to the environmental impact linked to the production, conservation and distribution of Valambrun products.



All of our products are stored in antibacterial bottles and jars, made of high quality violet glass, ideal for storing cosmetics and infinitely recyclable.


Our range of treatments

The raw materials that make up our products are carefully chosen. Nothing is left to chance in order to offer you the best possible result.

The quality of our treatments comes from the synergy of ultra-concentrated ingredients that we use. Two sole objectives: efficiency and pleasure.

Pleasure offered by the texture, by the contact on the skin and by the subtle perfume of our creams and oils. Effectiveness of the ingredients, their recognized benefits and their dosage in our formulas.


Our Mission

We have been working on these treatments for more than two years, with passion, conviction and determination. Finding the right ingredient synergies, the ideal texture, the perfect scent… Testing, modifying and refining our formulas to give you the best care.