Beauty routines

Listen to your skin, treat yourself to a skincare routine based on your needs.

A complete range

When you get up, go to bed, before going to work or simply to take care of yourself and your loved ones, we offer products for everyone and for all ages, for all skin types and all sensitivities.

Man Routine

Here is our new routine, available in physical stores and online: the Men’s Routine. 👨🏽 Composed of Balance Cream, Energy Oil and The Duvet Cream (small format), this routine is designed for simplicity and efficiency on a daily basis. Take advantage of powerful balancing and nourishing products to give you a healthy glow every day. As for the Duvet cream, it is incredibly effective in taking care of the hands and feet.

Morning Routine

To start the day in the best conditions, we offer you our Body and Face Morning Routine, consisting of an eye contour treatment, as well as a cream to be chosen according to your skin type.


Rejuvenating Routine

It is good to do good. It’s by taking care of yourself
that we feel stronger to face
daily challenges. You will find in our Rejuvenating Routine :
an exfoliating treatment, a soothing cream and a revitalizing and softening milk.
and softener.

Nightime Routine

For a night of tenderness and delicacy, your Evening Routine consists of a make-up remover, a soft and nourishing oil, as well as an exfoliating treatment. So the night can begin…


Cocooning Routine

To pamper your skin and enjoy a sweet moment,
just for you, your Cocooning Routine consists
of an exfoliating treatment, as well as an airy and creamy
shea butter cream.

Saly Savons Routine

A mild or exfoliating soap, a solid shampoo to wash your hair without irritating the scalp, a scrub to rid the skin of its impurities… Here is what you can find at Saly Savons, among a wide range of natural, healthy and saponified products. cold, according to a proven ancestral method. Ethical craftsmanship and strong values!


Create your own skincare routine and benefit from the exceptional benefits of our products.